Amesite Inc.:  A Worthwhile Ed-Tech Investment For Your Portfolio

Education technology is one of the fast-emerging fields that gained significant momentum after the pandemic. Today, online learning has become the go-to solution for educational institutions and corporations alike. Research indicates that professional development in the future is expected to be characterized by micro-courses focused on specific and relevant information that busy professionals need to learn quickly and efficiently. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) should also be the future of online learning which will distinguish the learning experiences that are most valuable and impactful from the one-size-fits-all approach, which serves no one. It is a fact that online learning platforms can be time-consuming and challenging to develop in-house, so partnering with ed-tech platforms that create custom learning environments and curate content for institutions is the way to go. Today we will dig deeper into a uniquely positioned ed-tech company that provides a robust platform for colleges, universities, corporates, and non-profit organizations – Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ:AMST).

Company Overview

Amesite is an ed-tech, SaaS company that provides content creation and best-in-class setup for the multi-billion-dollar online learning markets in education and business. The company uses machine learning to provide learners with a user-friendly, mass-customized experience. Businesses, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and non-profit organizations are among its clients. Amesite uses AI to provide personalized learning environments for students, easier-to-manage interfaces for instructors, and increased accessibility for professional skills-seekers in the U.S. and beyond. The company takes advantage of existing brand strengths of its customers while also incorporating mass customization and cutting-edge technology to provide learners with cost-effective, scalable, and improved learning experiences. The corporation was founded in 2017 and is based in Detroit, Michigan.

Ed-Tech Solutions For Businesses

Amesite has a solid ed-tech platform that can be used by businesses to launch courses and training programs under their own brand in order to ensure that their employees are upskilled. Online education and training have become an excellent, low-cost option for enterprises. This trend began due to the pandemic’s major shift online. The biggest challenge in enterprise ed-tech today is that many companies are unsure of the relevance of the content provided by existing platforms like Udemy and Coursera and are looking to tailor courses for their employees and offer them under their own brand name. However, they lack the technological infrastructure to offer the same. This is where Amesite comes into the picture. It is establishing corporate tie-ups where companies can make use of its cutting-edge online learning platform powered by artificial intelligence to deploy a fully managed business learning program as well as customized courses to quickly and efficiently deliver job-specific certifications to their employees. Companies develop the ability to scale an entire remote work curriculum in just 30 days by pressing the easy button. Furthermore, with comprehensive data analytics and customizable dashboards, corporates can use AI and machine learning to spot trends and make informed verdicts while upskilling their team. Amesite’s platform also has communication tools such as built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality which helps teams to interact and engage productively with each other using upvotes and endorsements. Overall, the company’s business platform is strong enough to incentivize the teams to keep up with their upskilling process.

Partnerships With Universities & Non-Profit Organizations

Amesite’s largest revenue stream today is from helping universities and not-for-profit organizations. The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated the virtual delivery of nearly all experiences, including learning, which is where Amesite has been a key beneficiary. The company’s high-quality learning models help Universities adapt to achieve higher levels of learning engagement, immersive learning experiences, greater impact, and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality. As per the management research, the e-learning market will likely reach $375 billion by 2026 and Amesite has a key role to play in the same. Its customized and scalable online learning products are delivered in a single, user-friendly format. Amesite’s model improves the online user experience and claims to be able to assist any organization in making their online experience as pleasurable as shopping online. The company can do custom, enterprise-wide work, such as the Henry Ford Museum and Wayne State University’s technical programs. Furthermore, they assist institutions in launching customized, scalable online learning products to reach every learner continuously by expanding their instructional markets and impact. It has a learning strategy that tracks progress, sends notifications, and solves enterprise problems and a fully managed planned online training, upskilling, and learning platform. This ensures that any educational institution can use data to aid in developing future strategies.

A classic example of Amesite’s recent success was their collaboration with the City University of New York (CUNY), the country’s largest urban public university, to create and deploy professional learning on a CUNY-registered learning portal. CUNY provides learning to over 500,000 students each year and helps six times as many low-income students into the middle and beyond as all of the Ivy League colleges. Through its platform, Amesite aims to play a key role in assisting them in scaling their professional offerings. Another recent tie-up was Amesite’s collaboration with the Innovation Foundation of renowned asset manager, Cathie Wood, to provide its proprietary online learning platform for all of their educational initiatives. The company should be looking to increase revenues through many more such University partnerships in the coming quarters in order to scale the organization.

Final Thoughts

Source: Tradingview

Source: TradingView We can see in the above chart that Amesite’s stock has also taken a beating like broader markets given the current macro-economic environment and rising interest rates. While the company may have low revenues, its management has a solid background and track record. Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, Amesite’s President and CEO, was the founder of Sakti3, one of MIT’s 50 Smartest Companies, in 2015 which was eventually acquired by Dyson Ltd. in 2015 for $90 million after being backed by a global venture capital team. Given her solid track record and the robustness of Amesite’s business model, we believe that the company should have a bright future ahead. The company has close to $800k of revenues today which could easily multiply tenfold in the coming years. We believe that Amesite is a true multibagger in the making and is an excellent investment opportunity for our readers at SmallCapsDaily.