Antelope Enterprise Holdings CEO, Weilai Zhang, sits down with SmallCapsDaily cover

Antelope Enterprise Holdings CEO, Weilai Zhang, sits down with SmallCapsDaily

Weilai Zhang – CEO

More than 20 years of successful experience in business operations, strategic consulting, equity investment, asset management, and other related fields. From 2011 to 2020, he was Chairman of Huiton Tianxia Investment Ltd; since 2020, he has acted as Chairman of Jinke Yulv Technology Ltd, an internet firm in China. He has a Diploma in Capital and M&A Entrepreneurship from Fudan University and a Diploma in Finance and Capital Investment from Southwest University.


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited.Will you briefly describe the Company and its focus for our readers who may be unfamiliar?

Antelope Enterprise is the majority owner of KylinCloud which operates a live-streaming ecommerce platform with access to 300,000+ hosts and influencers in China.

Can you go into detail about the AEHL’s subsidiary KylinCloud and how it is uniquely positioned in China’s high growth social ecommerce market?

Unlike traditional ecommerce which is hypercompetitive and experiencing relatively low growth, livestreaming ecommerce on platforms such as TikTok is growing by leaps and bounds. By seamlessly matching hosts and influencers with consumer brand companies and enabling livestreaming ecommerce, KylinCloud is benefitting from this new sector’s rapid growth.

How does AEHL set itself apart from its competition?

To our knowledge, KylinCloud is unique and a pure play in the space since it targets consumer audiences through its influencers with captivating livestreaming experiences that result in higher online conversion rates which boosts sales. Our customers report that they see a 5 to 9% increase in gross margins selling their products through KylinCloud which gives them a great ROI from working with us and keeps them coming back.

What is Antelope Enterprise’s strategic vision and long-term growth plan as you look ahead?

To expand its livestreaming ecommerce business into other regions of the globe. We have recently developed a first phase of AI-powered virtual versions of selected hosts and influencers which, once a second phase is completed, could create virtual hosts with no language limitations.

What challenges, if any, is AEHL currently facing?

We believe that there are currently an insufficient number of qualified hosts and influencers as compared to the potential demand. Therefore, we are actively training new hosts and influencers to further penetrate the online commerce marketplace.

Are there any exciting milestones you can share with our readers about Antelope Enterprise?

Our milestones include additional numbers of hosts and influencers on our platform; we also believe that our AI capabilities could be transformative in the marketplace.

What is the company's financial position and how does it plan to allocate capital in order to maximize returns for investors while also ensuring long-term growth and stability?

Our financial position is strong, having completed several capital raises; we have no debt. We plan to very thoughtfully allocate our capital resources to projects with expected IRR’s in line with our growth goals.

The livestreaming ecommerce sector is estimated to have been $180 billion in 2022. We believe that this will only further expand since a younger demographic with hand-held devices are more accustomed to social ecommerce and online shopping.

As a result of the strong growth in livestreaming ecommerce and our very compelling product offering, we recently guided for 50% growth in revenue for 2023 and said that we expect to be profitable for the year.

Is there any other information you wish to share with our investors reading so we can highlight the opportunity of the company?

We have created a young team and vibrant culture that aligns with our business activities and is very success oriented. We have a new Board, and senior management and staff are all committed to rapidly grow Antelope Enterprise to achieve scale, increase our market positioning and maximize value for all of our stakeholders.