Applied UV, Inc.: A Company Aiming to Build a Smart Future and Shareholder Value cover

Applied UV, Inc.: A Company Aiming to Build a Smart Future and Shareholder Value

Improving Financial Performance and Significant New Smart Building Orders for NASDAQ-traded Applied UV, Inc.

2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Applied UV (NASDAQ: AUVI), an established trailblazer in leading and developing smart building technologies. The company is pioneering the smart building revolution with cutting-edge innovative products and solutions that are gaining traction with customers globally and across multiple industry sectors.

Based on year-to date financial results, AUVI anticipates that 2024 could mark a pivotal moment in its financial evolution, creating an opportune time to have the company on your radar.

Applied UV Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Revenue Increases to $11.4 Million, Adjusted EBITDA (non-GAAP) Improves 30.8% Year Over Year

“With continued strong revenue momentum and sustained progress on the path to profitability, we are delivering against the key milestones we laid out earlier this year. I'm proud of how our teams are executing our growth strategy,” said Max Munn, CEO of Applied UV. “Our innovation and commercial capabilities continue to enhance the value proposition of our brands and we have made meaningful progress on our transformation initiatives to improve our operational execution. We remain confident that these efforts will position us to deliver significant value over the long-term.”

Applied UV Announces Successful Integration of Its PURO UV Disinfection and Airocide Food Preservation Units to Optimize Cost Reduction and Expand Global Growth Opportunities

In addition to growing its top-line, AUVI has built a foundation for improved bottom-line results by taking steps to optimize its cost structure and benefit from the natural synergies of the businesses it acquired in early 2023.

AUVI to Benefit from Significant Orders in its Smart Building Technologies Division

Applied UV Inc. Announces Receipt of Significant Orders in (

Applied UV (NASDAQ: AUVI) has shown remarkable progress in the company’s Smart Building Technologies division: LED Supply Co.

Recent strategic investments in LED Supply Co. should yield substantial sales in 2024, with the division poised to contribute $10 million in sales from just three nationally recognized accounts in 2024.  With approximately $3M of this $10 million in orders already received from these industry leaders, it is expected that this division will assist in driving AUVI toward positive cash flow.

This exceptional performance is part of Applied UV's broader success narrative, as the Company is now positioned to drive both improved top-line and bottom line results in 2024.

Buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of the world's carbon emissions. This means that companies must invest in smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings if they want to meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. Alongside the long-term need to create net-zero carbon emissions, there has been a growing consumer and business understanding as well as regulatory and government funding around the

the need to ensure buildings are also "healthy."

AUVI’s diverse technology portfolio is tapping into a growing market that is filled with opportunities to capitalize on. One project alone could generate potential revenues of $250 million to $300 million for AUVI over a period of several years if the company is designated the sole-source supplier for key elements of the project. AUVI is currently engaged in discussions with the developer.

AUVI Lands Big Role in Dominican Republic Resort Project, Promises High-End Furnishings and Smart Building Technologies by the End of 2024

Applied UV, Inc. to Develop Smart Building Technologies for a New Luxury Development With Several Hotels and Several Thousand High-end Residences – Potential Revenues Could Total $250 Million to $300 Million (

Applied UV (NASDAQ: AUVI) has announced plans to develop Smart Building Technologies for a new luxury development in the Dominican Republic with six hotels and 20,000 high-end residences planned – potential revenues could total $250 million to $300 million over a multi-year period

The company expects to deliver prototype case goods and energy-saving technology to its customer for this development project in the third quarter of 2024.

The real estate development firm, a Spanish-listed multinational specializing in the design, engineering, and construction of large projects in Spain and Latin America, has begun construction on the hotel properties and residences with the completion of the first phase expected in late 2025.

This development will include several entertainment venues, including a retail mall, dining options, a fitness center, a spa, a country club with an 18-course golf course, an outdoor sports facility, and a kid-centric activity center.

Max Munn, CEO of Applied UV said, "We believe, as the likely sole-source supplier for several key elements, on this project, there is a 3–6-year revenue opportunity in the range of $250 to $300 million."

AUVI Launches Groundbreaking Technology

Applied UV Inc. Announces Launch of Patented Fighter Flex (

Applied UV (NASDAQ: AUVI) has recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking Fighter Flex LED solution at the annual AHR Expo. This industry disruptive and newly patented product (US Patent # 2023/0321309 A1) is set to redefine, through energy cost reduction, the design and utilization of the company’s product across HVAC systems globally.

This technology is undergoing testing with the GSA and DOE as part of the GSA Green Proving Ground Program. The GSA owns and leases over 363 million square feet of space in 8,397 buildings. See: Applied UV Fighter Flex PR

With this groundbreaking solution, Applied UV focuses on providing integrated advanced technologies with energy saving and positive ROI solutions to property owners. Its rapid growth is a clear indicator of the market's confidence in Applied UV's innovative and exclusive approach in providing financially positive solutions for more efficient property management.

In the United States, office spaces typically require between 50,000 to 75,000 BTUs per year per square foot for heating, influenced by factors such as building age, insulation quality, and local climate. For a standard office building in a moderate climate, air conditioning costs alone can reach approximately $2-$3 per square foot annually.

Utilizing the company’s patented UVC LED system to maintain the efficiency of HVAC coils has proven to reduce energy consumption by 5-15%. For an owner of a 100,000-square-foot office space, the integration of UVC technology could equate to approximately $45,000 in energy savings in the first year alone.

The company announced at the AHR Expo held in January [the premier international HVAC technology trade show] the introduction of its industry disruptive pulse modulated UVC LED enhancement (US # 63/623,789, Filed January 22, 2024) to its Fighter Flex LED solution.. According to the company, the overwhelming response to the exhibited LED system was extremely positive and the market likely holds an annual sales opportunity in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite broader market turbulence, AUVI has been able to strengthen its balance sheet, execute strategic and diversified investments, and introduce innovative technological advancements, all of which support the company’s expectations for continued robust growth.
  • The company anticipates an additional $250-$300 million revenue opportunity over the next 3-6 years, which could significantly improve its financial performance. The Dominican Republic project offers AUVI an opportunity to showcase its ground-breaking offerings to a global audience.
  • The company’s Fighter Flex Led technology offers energy savings of up to 50%, addressing the essential fight against climate change and potentially generating major interest from partners and governments.
  • As of February 19th, AUVI shares were trading around the $2 mark.

As the company continues to pave the way in its respective industries, stakeholders, and customers may look forward to sustained growth and a potential rebound. Compelling growth drivers are helping AUVI drive solid revenue gains. AUVI's future appears brighter than ever. We encourage investors at SmallCaps Daily to keep an eye on the company as they have untapped potential in the fast growing smart building technology industry.