HOTH Therapeutics: The Biotech Company Poised for Their Breakthrough

As investors, we are constantly analyzing the potential of both companies and industries to deliver eye popping returns into the future. When COVID-19 hit the world in the early start of 2020, this life changing event showed just how important and innovative the biotech industry can be. These biotech companies took on the gargantuan task of finding a solution to treat this life-threatening disease, and in doing so, demonstrated to the world just how much progress this complex industry has made so far.

Although some investors may have missed out on the companies who were able to develop vaccines for this pandemic, the biotech space is still in its infancy of its growth story. In 2020 the biotech space was valued at approximately $497 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% between now and 2027. The industry continues to show ongoing innovative developments that is leading many unknown biotech companies to have a strong pipeline of life changing treatments currently in clinical and pre-clinical phases.

With strong industry growth forecasted and consistent technological advancements, the biotech industry should be on the top of every investors industry watchlist. However, in a very crowded space it can be difficult to decipher the companies nearing dead ends, and those on the cusp of a biotech breakthrough. Hoth Therapeutics (HOTH) is a young and dynamic biotech company that is showing incredible promise in both treating a wide array of overlooked illnesses for patients and an exciting investment opportunity for many.

Company Profile

Founded in 2017, Hoth Therapeutics (HOTH) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing next generation therapies and treatments for currently unmet medical needs. Their mission statement is to not only find viable solutions for patient’s illnesses, but to also find treatment options that don’t make patients sicker than their disease (in other words, Hoth believes treatment options should not leave patients with debilitating side effects). The company focuses on finding treatments for rare diseases, chronic illnesses and other ailments that have been largely overlooked from the rest of the biotech sector.

Hoth Therapeutics accomplishes their mission statement by focusing on overlooked drugs that show promise to improve treatments and solve significant  unmet patient needs. The company currently has 2 active clinical programs, a deep pipeline of pre-clinical development programs and the ability to treat illnesses and diseases in multiple large addressable markets.

BioLexa Treatment Option Successfully Finishes Phase 2 Trial

The company currently has 2 active clinical programs that are showing great promise. The first is BioLexa Lotion which is used to treat mild to moderate Atopic Dermatitis (otherwise known as eczema). Atopic Dermatitis is a common, chronic, relapsing, and inflammatory skin disease that affects both children and adults. The market to treat this affliction is on the rise, with forecasts estimating the market to treat Atopic Dermatitis to be worth $18.7 billion by 2027.

Hoth Therapeutics clinical stage treatment consists of a novel mixture of two previously approved compounds that targets the underlying Staphylococcus aureus infection. The first compound prevents biofilm formation, which guards against the underlying infection, allowing the second compound (which is the antibiotic) to more effectively treat the underlying infection.

On December 9 of 2020, the company received approval to conduct their phase 1b clinical trial which consisted of a randomized, double-blind, vehicle controlled, sequential group study to determine the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of twice daily application of topical BioLexa in adult healthy subjects and patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis. On September 8 of this year the company released the very positive results from this study, showing the combination of gentamicin and Ca-DTPA, is a more effective treatment option then either on their own, and that no adverse effects were shown from participants. With the positive results Hoth Therapeutics will continue testing with cohort 2 to further prove the efficacy of this treatment option.

HT-001 Shows Promise in Treating Illnesses from Cancer Patients

The companies second clinical program HT-001 is a topical treatment option for patients with mild to moderate rash and skin disorders associated with treatments of tyrosine kinase inhibitor/epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor therapy. EGFR inhibitors are used as treatment for certain types of cancers (such as pancreatic, breast, and colon cancer). This treatment method however can lead to patients developing skin toxicities that can lead to interruptions in treatments. HT-001 is designed to treat these EGFR induced skin disorders to allow cancer patients to achieve the best possible outcomes from their EGFR therapy. The market to treat EGFR skin disorders was valued at $82 million in 2018, and is projected to reach $391 million by the end of 2030, which should leave plenty of further growth for Hoth Therapeutics to capitalize on. The company’s latest trial, which was a 12-week randomized, placebo controlled, phase 2a study showed the topical application of HT-001 significantly reduces erlotinib-induced cutaneous toxicities (a 71% reduction when compared to the control group).

Both BioLexa and HT-001 are geared towards treating patients that currently don’t have a viable treatment option or who’s current treatment option is not fulfilling their needs adequately. And with a large addressable market and positive results from recent studies Hoth Therapeutics is priming itself for massive growth as they continue to prove the robust efficacy of their treatment options.

Hoth Therapeutics Shows Off Robust Pipeline of Pre-Clinical Treatment Candidates

The company’s prospects don’t stop at just two treatment options, Hoth Therapeutics has an industry leading pipeline with 4 late-stage and 5 early-stage pre-clinical programs treating everything from Acne, Asthma, Allergic Inflammation, Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), Pneumonia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mast-Cell Neoplasms and COVID-19.

This robust pipeline of  treatment candidates is allowing the company to pursue the most promising candidates first and offers a level of diversity and flexibility that is usually not seen in the biotech space. This also allows Hoth Therapeutics to combat any setbacks from one individual treatment candidate, if one treatment option fails the company can quickly shift their attention and resources to the more promising candidates.

Key Takeaway

Hoth Therapeutics has a product pipeline that when combined will serve multibillion-dollar market opportunities. Both of their current clinical stage products have shown promising results thus far, with further clinical studies currently underway. The company has a diverse and promising pipeline of pre-clinical treatment candidates that will offer a great portfolio of intellectual property for the future and allow the company to continue to expand into new markets. With a current market cap of only $26.98 million and enough cash on hand to fund all current clinical and pre-clinical studies, one can see the steep discount the company is currently trading at. Altogether, Hoth Therapeutics is clearly on track to becoming the diamond in the rough amongst the very crowded biotech industry and in the process, has earned a top spot on investors watchlists.