Impact Biomedical, Inc. Announces U.S. Patent Allowance of Laetose™ Technology Entitled "Low Glycemic Sugar Composition." cover

Impact Biomedical, Inc. Announces U.S. Patent Allowance of Laetose™ Technology Entitled “Low Glycemic Sugar Composition.”

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Impact Biomedical Inc. (IBIO), in which DSS Inc.(NYSE American: DSS) has a significant investment, is thrilled to announce a milestone in its innovative Laetose™ technology platform. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. patent # 11,898,184, entitled "Low Glycemic Sugar Composition" developed within this platform.

The Laetose™ technology demonstrates compelling potential in reducing caloric intake and glycemic index in foods, while also inhibiting tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), a cytokine associated with inflammatory chronic diseases.

The patented formulation is a novel combination of one or more sugars and myo-inositol, with potential to inhibit the inflammatory and metabolic response of sugar alone. This marks the first Laetose™ patent issued in the U.S., emphasizing IBIO’s commitment to discovering, developing, and patenting unique technologies to address unmet needs in human healthcare. The term of this US patent will expire in 2037.

The patented Laetose™ composition consists of an effective amount of sugar and myo-inositol, with potential applications in therapeutic administration to reduce or limit inflammatory or metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes). The composition mitigates a TNF-α response to the sugar.

Potential Applications and Market Impact:

  1. US Inflammatory Disease Treatment Market: Estimated at $35B (source: Precedence Research 2022)
  2. US Diabetes Treatment Market: Currently at $30B and projected to grow to $61B by 2028 (source: GlobeNewswire 2022)
  3. US Refined Sugar Production Market: Valued at $12B and expected to grow to $26B by 2028 (source: Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence)

Impact Biomedical CEO Frank D. Heuszel commented, “This is another demonstration of our commitment to address critical unmet needs in human healthcare. We are accelerating discussions with potential licensing and development partners to move Laetose™ rapidly towards the market in the US and other countries worldwide.”

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