Infobird Taps Into $22B Market With Genius Addition To The Company’s SaaS Product Portfolio

We have extensively covered Chinese SaaS (software as a service) player, Infobird Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:IFBD) in the past. The company is a highly promising provider of AI-enabled client engagement solutions to companies of all sizes in the Chinese market. It is one of the most undervalued SaaS companies as of today and has the potential to become the Zendesk of China. The company recently announced the launch of a new intelligent SaaS product called the WeChat Call Center in order to enter into private domain traffic and help companies further develop the value of existing customers through personalized and automated solutions for the same. Let us have a detailed look at this new product and what it brings to the table.

The New WeChat Call Center

For most companies, private domain traffic is considered part of its brand’s private assets that can be used to stay relevant in customers’ minds, increasing the chances of customer retention. Infobird is expanding its product application boundaries and business scopes to generate significant value by creating new demand and profitably acquiring uncontested market space. In its new WeChat Call Center offering, Infobird has combined the benefits of Enterprise WeChat and Call Center in order to create the next generation of customer interaction platform. In the Chinese market, WeChat is a major platform for companies to acquire private domain traffic. The founder of WeChat recently revealed that there are 1.2 billion WeChat users, among which 1 billion are daily active users.

The private domain traffic based on Enterprise WeChat is a significant market opportunity for Infobird. The WeChat Call Center is a unique private domain traffic tool based on artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Animation (RPA), customer portraits, and other essential technological capabilities. Infobird’s WeChat Call Center can provide automated and personalized services and marketing for enterprise clients while ensuring the consistency and stability of customer interaction. This product builds private domain traffic for clients, combines multi-channel customer resources into Enterprise WeChat, and connects public domains to private domains, achieving unified operation for different channels, including Enterprise WeChat, SMS, phone calls, Apps, and webpages. For enterprises with a relatively larger customer base, WeChat Call Center provides significant advantages in automation, batch, and personalizing services, helping clients enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs. Moreover, it has the ability to boost the convenience of the daily operation of the client and improves customer interaction efficiency.

Growing Importance Of Customer Retention

Today, it is a known fact that the cost of high-quality sales leads is increasing in China because of the low accuracy of offline traffic and domestic internet giants’ monopoly of online traffic. Smaller companies are looking to cope with this issue by maximizing retention and ensuring the highest quality of customer service in order to ensure a minimal churn in clientele. With the explosive development of big data, AI, 5G, RPA, and other technologies, software providers like Infobird have a key role to play in helping Chinese businesses retain consumers and reduce marketing related expenditures. Managing private domain traffic via RPA, AI, and other technologies to realize the value of customers throughout their life cycle has become the key to improving modern customer relationships and achieving marketing growth and this is where WeChat Call Center has a critical role to play.

According to the data analysis by CCID,, and eMarketers, the customer acquisition cost in the internet industry of China has increased over ten times from 2010 to 2019. Thus, it is becoming increasingly burdensome for SMBs in China to handle these costs. Infobird’s SaaS offerings are highly cost-effective and start at a pricing as low as $15 per user per month which can be afforded by smaller companies as well. This can help them improve retention and boost revenues. It is worth highlighting that a study from Harvard Business Review by Rob Markey, Director of Bain & Company, found that companies with higher customer satisfaction increase revenues around 2.5 times as fast as their industry peers, highlighting the value of customer management. Infobird should not have a problem selling this new SaaS product given the fact that Chinese companies are gradually focusing on the next stage of marketing, which will require building long-term relationships with customers, enhancing customer life cycle, creating their own private domain traffic, and increasing the customer retention rate.

Final Thoughts

Source: Tradingview

A large part of Infobird’s current valuation can be attributed to the fact that it had a strong dependence on one large banking client for more than half of its revenues. However, things have changed over the past few months. The company has onboarded a string of new big Chinese clients. This new product launch is indicative of the fact that the management intends to get far more aggressive in customer acquisition particularly within industries like consumer goods, retail, and healthcare which have a strong demand for private domain traffic solutions. Since the implementation of Infobird’s standardized SaaS strategy, it has become a whole new company altogether. The $3 per share price tag does not justify the future potential of this SaaS player nor does the 5.3x price-to-sales multiple. We believe that Infobird could go into double-digits in th near future and is a prospective multi-bagger investment.


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