Muscle Maker Inc. (Nasdaq: GRIL) Announces Bold Rebranding as Sadot Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SDOT) cover

Muscle Maker Inc. (Nasdaq: GRIL) Announces Bold Rebranding as Sadot Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SDOT)

Today we share some very exciting news as Muscle Maker Inc. (Nasdaq: GRIL) has made a pivot unlike any other, and effective, July 27, 2023, the Company will be now known as Sadot Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SDOT) on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

This groundbreaking change can be traced back to November 2022 when Sadot Group Inc. made a bold decision to pivot from a small-chain restaurant business into the trillion-dollar global agri-food supply chain industry. Sadot’s transformative agreement with Aggia LLC, a team of experienced food supply chain professionals, enabled the evolution of the Company into a global agri-foods organization with access to global capital markets. This unprecedented shift in direction has already yielded impressive results, with Sadot LLC, the wholly owned subsidiary, achieving a remarkable milestone by crossing $500 million in total revenue since its inception as of June 30, 2023. The Company has consistently surpassed $45 million in monthly revenue for eight consecutive months, a testament to its dedication to sustainable growth.

The expansion into new trade routes throughout North, Central, and South America has also been a resounding success, strengthening Sadot Group Inc.’s presence in key markets. Additionally, the Company’s recent acquisition and initiation of farming operations in Zambia signify its commitment to becoming a significant global player in the very important agri-food sector.

Michael Roper, CEO of Sadot Group Inc., shared his thoughts on this revolutionary move, stating, “We are pleased to announce our new identity as Sadot Group Inc. Over the last eight months, the Company has experienced transformational operational and financial growth. The name change to Sadot Group Inc. aligns with our evolved identity, symbolizing the clear direction of our corporate strategic vision.”

This strategic pivot signifies Sadot Group Inc.’s determination to build on its achievements and continue making strides in the industry. The Company’s three key verticals of the global food supply chain are integral in achieving this mission. Firstly, its global agri-commodity origination and trading operations facilitate the efficient sourcing and distribution of essential food/feed products, such as soybean meal, wheat, and corn, on an international scale.

Secondly, Sadot Group Inc. actively engages in farm operations, producing grains and tree crops in Southern Africa. This commitment to agriculture and sustainability strengthens the company’s supply chain and allows for greater control over the production and quality of essential food products.

Lastly, the Sadot Group will restructure its legacy restaurant business, pivoting to an all-franchised model behind its successful Pokemoto concept. This segment not only contributes to the company’s financial growth but also embodies its founding principles – sourcing and providing healthier foods.

In conclusion, the transformative rebranding of Muscle Maker Inc. to Sadot Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SDOT) marks a historical moment in the company’s journey. As it forges its path in the global agri-food supply chain industry, Sadot Group Inc. stands apart from established giants like ADM, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus by leveraging a unique advantage – the freedom to innovate unburdened by the limitations of industry behemoths. This ground-floor opportunity presents an exciting window of opportunity for investors, as the company’s unprecedented pivot from a restaurant business has already demonstrated exceptional growth and success.

Well on its way to becoming a leading force in the trillion-dollar global agri-food supply space, this is a must-have company to have on your watch-list as Sadot Group Inc. makes its unprecedented and historical transformation!