Rail Vision Announces Major deal with US Freight Rail Company cover

Rail Vision Announces Major deal with US Freight Rail Company

Rail Vision Ltd. (Nasdaq: RVSN), a technology company at the forefront of revolutionizing railway safety and the data-related market, today announced that it has received an order for its AI-driven Switch Yard System from a Class 1 freight rail company in the US.

The freight rail company, which is one of the largest in North America, will install and use the system on its locomotive for evaluation and testing different scenarios related to safety.

"We believe that this new order is a milestone for Rail Vision that signifies the industry's trust in our solutions to navigate the complexities of rail operations. By leveraging AI and machine learning, we aim to transform the way railways operate, enhance safety, efficiency reliability and preserve business continuity across a railway network. This is another the beginning of our journey in North America to make rail transportation safer and more efficient for everyone", commented Rail Vision CEO, Shahar Hania.

Rail Vision’s Switch Yard System uses electro-optic sensors (including thermal and day sensors) combined with AI, machine learning and Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions, to overcome limited vision issues that expand the range of sight and decrease downtime, while also increasing punctuality, efficiency, and safety. Rail Vision’s solutions address critical issues within the industry with its innovative AI-based Obstacle Detection System (ODS), which enables rail operators to navigate issues easily and swiftly, including on-track obstacles, accidents, high operational costs, lack of personnel, capacity, maintenance issues, heavy traffic on the tracks, extensive driving distances and harsh weather conditions.

About Rail Vision Ltd.

Rail Vision is a technology company that is seeking to revolutionize railway safety and the data-related market. The Company has developed cutting-edge, artificial intelligence-based, industry-leading technology specifically designed for railways. The Company has developed its railway detection and systems to save lives, increase efficiency, and dramatically reduce expenses for the railway operators. Rail Vision believes that its technology will significantly increase railway safety around the world, while creating significant benefits and adding value to everyone who relies on the train ecosystem: from passengers using trains for transportation to companies that use railways to deliver goods and services. In addition, the company believes that its technology has the potential to advance the revolutionary concept of autonomous trains into a practical reality. For more information, please visit https://www.railvision.io/