Stran & Company's Remarkable 42% Revenue Surge - Is This Stock the Next Big Small-Cap Opportunity? cover

Stran & Company’s Remarkable 42% Revenue Surge – Is This Stock the Next Big Small-Cap Opportunity?

In an interesting financial update, Stran & Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:SWAG), a small-cap player known for its expertise in outsourced marketing solutions, has reported a staggering increase of more than 40% in its stock price and has captured the attention of small-cap investors. The reason for this jump is Stran’ 42% increase in revenue and a transition to profitable net earnings for the third quarter of 2023. After such a huge spike, it is logical to evaluate Stran & Company, Inc. as a potential investment opportunity, delving into its financial performance, strategic initiatives, and competitive positioning in the market. As a profitable player with a solid growth trajectory, Stran's stock performance warrants a closer look from investors seeking promising opportunities.

What Does Stran & Company Do?

Stran & Company, Inc. is a Quincy, Massachusetts-based company specializing in outsourced marketing solutions. Established in 1994, the company offers a wide range of services to its clients, including custom sourcing, e-commerce solutions for promoting branded merchandise and other promotional products, management of promotional loyalty and incentives, print collateral and event assets, order and inventory management, hosting online retail popup shops, maintaining fixed public retail online stores, and offering online business-to-business services. Stran also provides creative and merchandising services, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution solutions, print-on-demand services, kitting services, point of sale displays, and loyalty and incentive programs. The company's comprehensive suite of services caters to the diverse marketing needs of its clients, making it a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their marketing and promotional efforts.

Strong Revenue Growth And Return to Profitability

Stran & Company's robust revenue growth, with a 42% increase to a record $19.3 million in the third quarter of 2023, is a significant driver for the stock's performance in the coming years. This impressive financial achievement reflects the success of the company's business growth initiatives and its ability to effectively manage expenses. Notably, gross profit surged by 50% to $6.4 million, with a gross profit margin increasing from 31% to 33% compared to the same period last year. The achievement of net income of approximately $684,000 is a major milestone, indicating Stran's return to profitability after reporting losses in recent quarters. This return to profitability showcases the company's scalability and earnings potential, and investors may view this as a strong indicator of the company's financial stability.

Aggressive M&A Strategy And Integration Success

Stran's aggressive merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy, with the successful integration of four acquisitions, is key driver for the company’s performance. Each acquisition has brought significant strategic advantages to Stran, including an expanded geographic footprint, increased warehousing and manufacturing capabilities, and the addition of prestigious clientele to their existing roster. Furthermore, the goal of making these acquisitions accretive immediately demonstrates a commitment to profitable growth. The company's focus on maximizing the potential of these acquisitions while expanding into new verticals and geographies is a strategic approach that may boost investor confidence.

Sales & Marketing Efforts And Technological Advancements

Expanding the sales and marketing programs of Stran is likely to contribute to its growth in the coming years. Securing contracts with both new and existing customers, including a significant 6-figure contract with a leading medical group, demonstrates the company's ability to serve diverse industries. Additionally, launching loyalty redemption programs and managing over 280 online customer stores are strategies that provide long-term value for clients and foster growth. The company's focus on enhancing its technology capabilities, including the full implementation of NetSuite and Adobe's e-commerce platform, Magento Open Source, is expected to improve overall operational efficiency. Such technological advancements may lead to further growth opportunities and increased competitiveness in the market.

Final Thoughts

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We can see the huge spike in Stran’s stock price after the recent results pushing it to over $1.2 while it was trading well below the $1 mark before the result. From a valuation standpoint, the company is trading at a Price/ Sales ratio of 0.32x which appears cheap especially given its recent growth and the fact that it operates in the $25.8 billion promotional products industry. Overall, we believe that Stran & Company's strong financial performance, successful M&A strategy, and efforts to expand sales, marketing, and technology capabilities are key factors that could impact the company's stock positively in the coming years. The company definitely deserves a place in your small-cap watch list.