Stratasys In The Spotlight: Is It The Perfect 3D Printing Acquisition Target? cover

Stratasys In The Spotlight: Is It The Perfect 3D Printing Acquisition Target?

In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D printing technology, Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSYS) finds itself at the center of attention once again, as Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM) makes a renewed takeover offer, causing a surge in Stratasys shares. The $16.50 per share proposal is not the first as Nano Dimension, holding a significant 14% stake in Stratasys, has persistently pursued acquisition despite setbacks, including a withdrawn $25 per share tender offer earlier in the year. The intriguing question now is whether Nano Dimension's bid will unlock a floodgate of offers from previous contenders or attract interest from new players eyeing Stratasys. Let us take a closer look at Stratasys’ operations and evaluate its potential as an M&A target.

What Does Stratasys Ltd. Do?

Stratasys Ltd., headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializes in providing innovative polymer-based 3D printing solutions that cater to various industries. The company's extensive range of 3D printing systems, including polyjet printers, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers, stereolithography printing systems, origin P3 printers, and SAF printers, caters to manufacturing, tooling, rapid prototyping, and diverse vertical markets such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and healthcare. Stratasys also offers consumable materials like FDM, polyjet, and stereolithography materials for manufacturing applications like jigs, fixtures, investment casting, and injection mold or composite tooling applications. The inclusion of software and services, such as GrabCAD and GrabCAD Print, enhances the 3D printing experience by providing additive manufacturing platforms for managing production-scale operations and job programming software enabling unique features like creating lightweight, structurally sound infills for FDM. Additionally, the company offers GrabCAD Shop for scheduling, remote monitoring, and analytics, GrabCAD Connect for two-way SDK integration, and GrabCAD Community—an online platform where professionals share practices through tutorials, discussion forums, design/print challenges, and 3D content. Stratasys further provides solutions like GrabCAD Streamline Shop to simplify 3D printing shop workflows, a GrabCAD Streamline Software Development Kit (SDK) supporting enterprise goals, and the GrabCAD Software Partner program for independent software vendors. The company distributes its products globally through a network of resellers and independent sales agents, making it a key player in the dynamic 3D printing industry.

Innovation In Manufacturing Technologies

Despite a challenging global macro backdrop marked by slower growth and higher interest rates, Stratasys remains devoted to innovation in its industrial 3D printing solutions. The recent launch of the F-3300, an innovative and faster polymer filament printer, showcases the company's keenness to advancing its technology. The F-3300, tailored for manufacturing, promises up to 2x faster printing speed and a 45% reduction in cost per part compared to existing solutions. This new addition to Stratasys' portfolio, developed with input from key customers like Toyota, signals a strategic focus on production-oriented systems, expanding the company's addressable market and reinforcing its leadership in the industry. The emphasis on manufacturing applications, including partnerships with entities such as the U.S. Army, positions Stratasys as a vital player in the evolving landscape of additive manufacturing.

Diversification & Customer Engagement

Stratasys continues to demonstrate resilience and financial stability through diversified offerings, with record recurring revenue from consumable sales during the third quarter of 2023. The company's strong engagement with both existing and new customers underscores the recognition of its unique combination of industry-leading polymer technologies, extensive material options, unified software platforms, and robust customer service. The ability to maintain positive adjusted earnings per share for the ninth consecutive quarter, despite a challenging environment for capital spending, reflects the effectiveness of Stratasys' business model. Customer success stories, such as the U.S. Army's significant order and partnerships with leading companies like FAW, highlight the company's appeal across various industries, contributing to its ongoing growth.

Strategic Focus On Healthcare & Software Offerings

Stratasys is strategically expanding its footprint in the healthcare sector, signing a partnership agreement with NC GmbH to establish a new division focused on delivering medical solutions to the German market. This move aligns with a global strategy to enhance coverage, focus, and dedication to healthcare customers. Additionally, the company is capitalizing on the growing custom foot orthotic market, as demonstrated by its relationship with GO Orthotics, which has purchased multiple SAF printers for producing custom orthotics. On the software front, the commercialization of premium offerings like GrabCAD Print pro and Open AM reflects Stratasys' pledge to enhancing its software portfolio. Approximately half of the new FDM and SAF customers have subscribed to GrabCAD Print pro, indicating a positive response to the expanded software offerings.

Final Thoughts

Source: Yahoo Finance

Despite a sharp correction in Stratasys’ stock price over the past couple of years, we see a resurgence in the past few months given its recent limelight. While there is a good chance that the latest bid by Nano Dimension, is predicted to face unanimous rejection from Stratasys' board, Stratasys does have strong business fundamentals making it an attractive target. Stratasys, in response to the latest offer, has performed to a thorough review, marking a pivotal moment after the company's strategic review following the termination of its Desktop Metals purchase. However, speculation is rife that this move might act as a catalyst, potentially prompting other suitors to step forward. We believe that Stratasys' focus on innovation, diversification, customer engagement, and strategic expansion into healthcare positions it as a key player in the additive manufacturing industry. While navigating current challenges, the company's long-term growth and profitability potential do make it an attractive M&A candidate.